I see how you departing Jagex is the OSRS gold

  • I see how you departing Jagex is the OSRS gold same way I feel about my current place of work. So many changes coming through, and maybe they didn't hear you as far as they should but in the long run youare only one individual in one section who can just do this much. We the runescape players did not mean to place as much stress on you but guy we expect you understand how much you mean to us.

    Account sharing is allowed on osrs (apart from for the best ranks/inferno) only done because the acc holders risk. I really like torvestas content also but at precisely the exact same time he'll borrow a max battle main, which he has, simply because the borrowed accounts has an infernal cape. So he is basically borrowing an infernal cape, not the accounts, which is sort of a gray area imo. Additional pk ytbers have grinded the inferno (framed, langarium, pan1c ec) torvesta should only get it over with/at least attempt it, he can certainly have loads of assistance over discord etc I'm sure folks would like to help him.

    People will always find a way to purchase something for a service, whether it's silver, green gold warden, or blossom farming, or leaching vindicta, or raids or becoming xlogs in rago.It's unlucky, and I stopped caring about that a while back. What I really care about is how good someone actually is at a boss.You obtained silver warden and receive 8 minute 800% kills at Telos?

    Got seis set and can't TLV5? Although all raid codices but does not know BMs hp will not go 750k? This tells me. Some of those situations are from Buy Runescape gold an Ironman perspective. At the conclusion of the day, it will take me an hour or 2 for to know if I will invite somebody back to kill team supervisors.

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